Minecraft Servers Are Now Available!

Dear Clients, We have been working hard to get this setup and today, we are glad to announce that we are introducing Minecraft Servers. Our servers you know are fast but, try on a Minecraft server. Yea, Steve will be able to punch so many trees that minecraft.net will go down. So, here is some information regarding […]

To VPS Resellers: You have a good friend here!

Dear Valued Clients, We know that it is hard to get sales. To give your competitors some competition and to help you get sales, we are giving you an opportunity to offer UNLIMITED SSL Certificates to your customers! How do i get these you may ask? Simply, open a ticket and let us know the […]

Price reduction on Dedicated IPs!

Dear Customers, Okay..we heard you! We have realized that the Dedicated IPs were over priced! Today, we are reducing the price of Dedicated IPs to $2.99. Does that work for you? Well make sure you get in touch with us and let us know. By the way, you can also comment below. Please don’t hesitate […]